Anne Knowles qualified as a physiotherapist in 2002. After completing her community service at Helen Joseph Hospital Johannesburg she went to England. In 2004 Anne worked in a school for special needs children in East Sussex. Then in 2005 she moved to a large 30 bed stroke and neuro rehab unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital London. She was team leader of the rehab physio team and realised without a shadow of a doubt that neuro rehabilitation was her passion. Taking all the invaluable experience gained in London she moved back to Johannesburg and worked in a neuro rehab practice in Morningside. Then she decided to start her own practice. In December 2008 an opportunity came up to buy a neuro rehab practice in Mayo Centre and Flora Clinic.

What started out as a one woman show now developed into a multidisciplinary team with 5 physiotherapists and an occupational therapist and speech therapist working closely together.

Our Name

The name of our practice REHABILITA comes from the Italian translation for rehabilitation spelt RIABILITA. It was inspired by my Italian husband and brother-in-law who is a physio and has a practice called Riabilita, meaning Rehabilitation in Italian.

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