Stroke or Cerebrovascular Accident or Hemiplegia

People who have suffered from a stroke will benefit from neurological physiotherapy. Neuro physio treatment should commence as soon as possible following injury for the best possible recovery.

The WHO definition of a stroke or a Cerebrovascular Accident is an interruption of the blood supply to the brain, usually because a blood vessel bursts or is blocked by a clot. This cuts of f the supply of oxygen and nutrients, causing damage to the brain tissue. A stroke typically affects one side of the body and can have cognitive and behavioural impacts.

After a stroke many people experience difficulties performing everyday tasks which can make life more difficult. Neurological Physiotherapy will provide treatment that will enable you to reach your maximum potential and make everyday tasks easier to achieve.

An initial assessment with a neurological physiotherapist will set short and long term goals tailored to your needs to help promote independence and improve your quality of life. During treatment sessions your neurological physiotherapist will lead you through a graduated programme of functional exercises focused around daily tasks which aim to:

  • Recruit affected muscles in order for them to work more effectively
  • Increase control of movement of the arms, legs and trunk
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Encourage lengthening of tight or spastic muscles and reduce stiffness
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Reduce pain and muscle spasticity
  • Teach transfers ( rolling, moving in bed, sit to stand etc)
  • Build endurance and increase energy levels through different exercises
  • Promote independence with activities of daily living
  • Advise on orthotic devices and walking aids to encourage mobility
  • Advise on serial casting and botox

Treatment @ Rehabilita, Roodepoort, Johanesburg

We have a dedicated team of neurological physiotherapists with various skills and areas of interest ensuring you a holistic management. Our treatment sessions focus on exercises and therapy modalities that aid stroke rehabilitation. Repetitive, task-specific exercises done in a variety of positions help improve neural plasticity. We have a wide variety of exercise equipment including a specialised bike, Theratrainer, for both upper and lower limb training, a Cefar© electrical stimulation machine, parallel bars, wrist weights and balls of varying size and weight. We also use the FES (functional electrical stimulation) for a dropped foot to improve walking.

Neurological physiotherapy will support and advise you through your treatment and focused upon your individual symptoms. We are able to do home visits if required.

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