A person with Parkinson’s disease will benefit from specialist neurological physiotherapy.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neuro-degenerative disease that occurs when the neurons in the brain responsible for dopamine production become impaired or die. Typically a person with Parkinson’s presents with a resting tremor, rigidity, slow or abnormal movements and walking problems. Parkinson’s is a movement disorder.

Neuro Physio treatment will promote your physical function and your independence in everyday life. Physiotherapy will also focus on managing the risk of falling. Neuro Physiotherapy treatment will increase muscle strength, joint flexibility and balance.

Neurological physiotherapy will improve your quality of life by maximising your potential. Physiotherapy treatment will be centred on:

  • Exercise to help maintain muscle strength for as long as possible making transfers and walking easier to achieve
  • Muscle stretching to lengthen tight muscles, increase range of movement and prevent joint and muscle stiffness
  • Exercise to help relax rigid muscles and joints to maintain a good posture and make movements smooth and efficient
  • Balance training to increase confidence and decrease the risk of falling
  • Exercise to increase endurance and reduce fatigue
  • Activities to improve posture and comfort in lying, sitting and standing
  • Reducing any pain that you may be experiencing
  • Cueing and movement strategies to reduce the effects of freezing
  • Teaching ways of transferring such as getting up out of a chair or moving within a bed
  • Advice on assistive devices, orthotics and adaptations to the home that might be of use for functional abilities for people with Parkinson’s disease
  • Referral for Botox and serial casting

Treatment @ Rehabilita in Roodepoort, Johannesburg

Our dedicated team of neurological physiotherapists have various skills and areas of interest ensuring you a holistic management. An initial assessment will look at how Parkinson’s disease affects you and goals will be developed centered around you and those close to you.

We have a wide variety of exercise equipment available including a specialised bike for both upper and lower limb training, a Cefar© electrical stimulation machine, parallel bars, balancing mats and bosu balls, electrical stimulation for nerve and muscle activation.

Neurological physiotherapy treatment will help you live the best life as possible by improving your physical function and sense of well being.

We can do home visits if required.

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