Individuals with Myopathy and Neuropathy will benefit from neurological physiotherapy.

Neuropathy is damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system. This may be caused either by diseases of or trauma to the nerve or side effects of a systemic illness, e.g. diabetes. This often affects the feet and legs. It causes weakness, decreased sensation, pain, loss of muscle bulk and sometime muscle twitches. You may experience cramps, loss of balance and spasms. You  may have dropped foot or feet.

Myopathy is a disorder of the muscles where the muscle fibers do not perform the function they should and muscles become weak and wasted. This can be caused by side effects to medication or toxins, metabolic disorders, congenital disease such as muscular dystrophy, long term chronic illness, infections and other causes.

Neurological physiotherapy will help a person with a myopathy and neuropathy manage their symptoms and improve their ability with everyday tasks.

  • Muscle strength training to keep muscles strong or strengthen weakened muscles.
  • A structured exercise program to improve balance, coordination, flexibility and endurance. Exercise will also help increase your self-esteem and independence with activities.
  • Stretching muscles in your hips, thighs and shoulders to lengthen stiff muscles or joints. Stretching will also ease muscle spasm and soreness.
  • Activities to improve your posture and balance.
  • Advise about equipment for mobility if required i.e. walking aids, orthosis for dropped foot or feet, wheelchairs.
  • Hydrotherapy treatment which relaxes, strengthens muscle and increases circulation. Hydrotherapy also reduces pain and enables a person with a myopathy to maximise their mobility within the water.
  • Therapeutic electrical stimulation  to Reduce pain and build muscle strength
  • Functional Electrical Stimulation help you walk if you have muscle weakness in the legs or dropped feet.
  • Theratrainer Active passive exercise bike will assist you to turn the pedals if you would otherwise not be able to cycle, you can either try and build up muscle strength or just let the bike do the work and get the benefits of your legs being moved and stretched. You can also use it for arm strengthening as it has upper limb attachments.
  • Tilt Table if you are wheelchair bound and would like to stand up, this piece of equipment will stand you up safely to get some weight through your legs with no effort required by the patient.
  • Parallel bars practice walking and balancing in a safe environment.

Neurological physiotherapy will help you maximise your potential and improve your quality of life. Neuro physiotherapy treatment will also increase your confidence and independence.

At Rehabilita in Roodepoort Johannesburg we have some specialised equipment that could benefit you and help your physio give you a wonderful treatment experience.

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